Recap: My Stay in Lake Livingston

I spent my weekend at a beautiful townhouse by Lake Livingston on the outskirts of Coldspring, TX. I stayed with my husband, brother, and close friend, Kat. We all needed to get away from the stresses of work, so we decided to isolate ourselves in a cute townhouse.


We left on Friday to Coldspring, TX. It is a 3-hour drive from Austin so we left late in the morning since we didn’t have to check-in until 3 p.m. We chose to arrive to the H-E-B in Huntsville, TX since we all love H-E-B, and my brother and Kat get store discounts. #EmployeePerks

We had to get all our stuff at that H-E-B because it was 40-minutes away from the cabin and the closest grocery store was 20-minutes away. And no one wanted to drive during our weekend of isolation so we bought everything we thought we needed and more.

When we got to the townhouse, I fell in love. The cabin was lake-themed since Lake Livingston was steps away from the deck. And the deck itself felt like we were in a tree-house. We had access to fishing rods, kayaks, and beautiful pine trees. Most importantly, the townhouse was so clean that I could smell some of the cleaning products. I was excited to be safe and isolated.

For dinner that night, we made nachos topped with chicken fajita, beans, and jalapenos. Oh yeah, we also had a small caesar salad. And for dessert? S’mores obviously!

memories and words lake livingston
I had the privilege to see this view every moment of this past weekend. I spent the trip to the townhouse figuring out which trees I would hang my hammock on.


Two things made my morning: a comfortable bed and no alarm.

I left the bedroom to see my brother fishing and Kat drinking tea in the deck. Josiah decided to take our camera to go exploring. I decided to work on some blog stuff and read a bit.

Soon, we made breakfast. We made sausages, waffles and eggs. I haven’t had a breakfast like that since my mom was in town in early June. My stomach and my heart were content.

After breakfast we decided to go play some volleyball. The issue was that we couldn’t find a park to play in, but then we realized that the map of the neighborhood that was hanging in the entryway showed a secret park.

When we found the park, it was empty. It was tiny, but we weren’t going to complain. It also had access to Lake Livingston. We played a few rounds of sand volleyball. I felt so proud of myself for not losing my skill in serving the ball.

Afterward, we found a beach-like area for us to get our feet in the water. Since it was so humid that day, it was nice to feel the cold water after sweating so much. After a couple of hours, we left since people were starting to arrive at the park.

When we got to the townhouse, we all did our own thing. My brother and Josiah went kayaking. Kat read a book on the deck and I hung up my hammock and read.

Around 5 p.m., we decided to start dinner. My brother grilled some steaks, stuffed mushrooms, asparagus, brussels sprouts, and shrimp jalapeno poppers.

Dinner left all of us stuffed so we decided to stay in and watch movies. We ended up watching The Princess and the Frog and Go With It. I drank some tea, ate some popcorn, and went to bed happy.

memories and words lake livingston
My view from the hammock. It was so relaxing being away from technology.


Let me just say that I did not want to leave the townhouse. But sadly, we had to leave. We packed up, cleaned up and said our final goodbyes.

We told ourselves that we would be back next year. We had a great time isolating ourselves from the world and focusing on ourselves. If you want to check out the townhouse we stayed at, you can find it here.

Check out other pictures I took this past weekend at Lake Livingston.


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