7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

In college, my dad used to send me money every Valentine’s Day. Since I was single throughout undergrad, I used to use the money to take myself out to eat, buy a bunch of chocolate and maybe some cake. It was why I decently enjoyed Valentine’s Day most years.

Since I met Josiah, my dad has not sent me money, but I still enjoy it, but for different reasons. I enjoy trying to find random gifts to give him, and I have even created a list of gift ideas in case I ever get stumped. So if you’re looking for a cute gift for your significant other, you came to the right place. My list will contain ideas for various hobbies and interests, sweet, and funny to give your partner for Valentine’s Day.

And as a reminder, I don’t get money if you make purchases. I am genuinely obsessed with this gifts and would consider buying one for my fiance, except I bought him cold brew-infused marshmallows.

To Be Sappy

What I Love About You

Want something that is completely sappy, but romantic? Check out the “What I Love About You” book where you can share what you love about your significant other. Whether you want to make it heartfelt, or silly, you can make this book a memorable keepstake that will make your partner’s heart melt.

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For The Techy

Leather Cord Organizer

My fiance has a specific way to organize his technology. With the Leather Cord Organizer, your partner will always have you to thank when his technology is perfectly organized and ready for a trip. Want to make it even more special? You can add the option to add laser engraving for a fee.

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Photo Credit: EtraLeather on Etsy.

For the Long Distance Relationship

Vintage Atlas Design

Being in a long-distance relationship can be difficult, but this gift can help ease the pain a little. The Vintage Atlast Design is a cute reminder of where y’all met, where you want to be, and if you want to make it more memorable, you can even have it customize for three places that mean the world to you. Honestly, I am not even in a long distance relationship and I want one.

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For the Sport Obsessed

Baseball Park Map Glasses

Is your significant other a huge baseball fan? The set of whiskey glasses features a map of a MLB stadium in the team’s main colors. At the bottom of the glass, you will see the team’s logo in the bottom, perfect for shots after a great game.

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Photo Credit: Brian Johnson via uncommongoods.com

For the Craft Beer Lover

Craft Beer Candles

If your partner is a craft beer lover, they might love the craft beer candles. Using soy waxes bases with all-natural scents, your significant other is going to LOVE these candles. They can choose between an IPA, a Lager, and a Stout. You just need to make sure you know their favorite beer.

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For the Wannabe Anthropologist

Dinosaur Mugs

I love giving people mugs. They are extremely cute, practical, and simple. If your sweetie is a dinosaur fan, they are going to LOVE these mugs. The mugs are handmade, and will make them feel like they are about to visit Jurassic Park. If you know their favorite dinosaur, you can choose from a diplodocus, a tyrannosaurus rex, a triceratops, or a velociraptor.

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Photo Credit: Keith Hershberger via uncommongoods.com