25 for 25

25 for 25

In a few days, I turn 25.

For a while, I felt uneasy with the notion that I was turning a year older. I kept asking myself what I had accomplished. Whether it was my depression acting up or being scared of what the future might hold, I knew that I was playing mind games with myself.

I just had to remind myself that while 24 had its lows, there were plenty of wins.

I got accepted to the Master of Information Studies program at the University of Texas at Austin and the Master of Information Management at Syracuse University. I started an Instagram photoblog, @tacosofmylife, that showcases my love of tacos. I traveled to California, saw two of my besties and ate some damn good tacos. I went to Las Vegas with my best friend and danced our butts off to Britney Spears. I had the chance to see snow for the third (and fourth) time in my life.

So to celebrate my 25th year orbiting the sun, here’s a list of things I want to accomplish before my 26th birthday:

  1. Eat 25 new tacos
  2. Write 25 blog posts
  3. Apply to graduate from UT
  4. Celebrate three years with Jos
  5. Travel to two new states
  6. Lose 25 pounds
  7. Cook 25 new meals
  8. Bake 10 new desserts
  9. Read 10 new books
  10. See my brother graduate high school
  11. Get an internship
  12. Apply to a Ph.D. program
  13. Go to 5 concerts
  14. Try 15 new cocktails
  15. Buy a plant and keep it alive
  16. Go 24 hours without checking social media
  17. Take a cooking class
  18. Go to 5 museums
  19. Have one photoshoot
  20. Buy a painting
  21. Buy a headboard
  22. See a musical
  23. See the symphony
  24. Go on a wine tour
  25. Get my ears pierced

To keep myself accountable, I will be updating this list. If you want to help me accomplish everything on this list, let me know!